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As the owner and operator of a medical practice or other healthcare organization, the importance of the work you're doing every day literally cannot be overstated enough. You've dedicated your career to saving lives and guaranteeing that your patients get the quality healthcare they need when they need it the most. Your medical practice IT support, as well as the technology that you and your team members depend on, needs to support and empower that goal - not hold you back. At RJ Technology Professionals, we've got the tools, the technology and the talent to help you guarantee all of this and more on a daily basis.

Stop Us When This Begins To Sound Familiar:

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Your computers and/or their Internet access is slow, or essential hardware assets like printers and phones just aren't working.

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You're team is spending far too much time dealing with EMR/EHR software and hardward support and not enough time serving patients.

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You just feel like you're spending too much money on IT and want to put those resources toward more meaningful projects. 

Aren't you tired of dealing with these types of problems? Don't you long for a day where your technology "just works," the way that it always should have?

The answer to all of those questions should be "yes" - and it can be, thanks to our unique blend of managed IT services for medical practices like yours.

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At RJ Technology Professionals, we understand the important work that you're doing on a daily basis.

By taking full advantage of everything that our managed IT services have to offer, you'll spend less time focusing on the downsides of technology and more time using it as a powerful tool to better address the challenges of today and rise up to meet the ever-changing demands of tomorrow in one fell swoop.



“Computers are just naturally buggy and they get slower over time - that's just the way things are.”


“There's no way to save money on IT costs - no matter what you do, you'll be spending a lot and who knows if it will work.”


“Switching IT providers takes too much time because my business isn't brand new - I'm in a situation I don't like, but I have no other options.”

Do these sound all too familiar to you?

Medical Practice IT Support Your Way,
Any Way, Guaranteed

RJ Technology Professionals: The Outsourced IT Company for Medical Practices Like Yours
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RJ Tech Pro is an organization dedicated to helping South Florida Independent Medical Practices reduce costs, save time and allow their businesses to scale and grow in the way that they need - all via a completely managed medical office technology solution that would be impossible to create on your own.


A one-size-fits-all solution

Such a thing doesn't exist, especially in an industry as malleable as healthcare. Instead, we want to custom build a solution that works for YOUR organization and NOT anybody else's.


We don't wait for something to break so we can do something about it. We're proactive immediately, allowing you to save money initially and improve your total cost of ownership as well.

One Dimensional

We work with all types of medical and healthcare businesses and even with businesses in other industries. Can RJ Technology Professionals help your business usher in the modern era of technology? Just ask.

Spaces are limited

Don’t Miss Out

Because of an overwhelmingly positive response, spaces for our free one hour technology consultation are limited. If this sounds like the solution you've been looking for, we encourage you to act fast so you don't miss out.


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State-of-the-art systems

that are faster than ever

We'll initialize and optimize each of your workstations during the onboarding process, immediately increasing your productivity.

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systems that are safer than ever

We'll also connect all of your workstations to our off-site backup and security system that, of course, meets HIPAA requirements. Speaking of HIPAA...

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technical compliance consulting on an ongoing basis

We're a HIPAA compliant BA ourselves and we'll absolutely make sure that you and all of your vendors are compliant as well.

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Vendor management

for ALL of your medical software and hardware

- not just select assets and not on anyone's terms but your own.

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Help desk service

with true remote and online support,

as well as proactive managed PC maintenance, updates and optimization moving forward.

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Virtual CTO

We'll give you the insight you need into your practice's IT that will allow you to create real change by way of direct, unbiased consulting on a quarterly basis.

“RJ Technology Professionals helped our business come up with a solution for our PCI requirements in order to process credit card payments. They helped us understand the entire process and worked with the credit card vendors through the end to ensure we are PCI compliant.”

Owner, Retail Merchant

“RJ Technology Professionals took the time to understand what our business requirements are and how to adapt their solution to our business goals. Working with Ricardo and his team was a great experience, very professional and delivered results as promised.”

Owner, Commercial Construction

“RJ Tech Pro gave us a great solution so that our students benefit with a better computer lab experience. No more unwanted programs or changes with the solution provided we can just restart and have a clean computer.”

Owner, Private Education


Is working with a managed IT services provider really better than doing everything in-house?

Yes - absolutely, 100%, beyond the shadow of a doubt.
In theory, you CAN save money initially by tackling all of your IT problems internally. However, when you consider the long-term ramifications of those issues and lost productivity alone of your staff, a managed solution just makes more sense for independent medical practices.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

We have a proven process that will help save you time and money - guaranteed. But you won't have to wait very long. Your benefits literally begin the moment you sign on with us and that is one trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Not Quite Ready for Your Technology Consultation Just Yet?

Don't worry - we understand.

You're busy and, as a medical provider, your mind is undoubtedly focused on more pressing matters. Keep in touch with us by joining our mailing list, and we’ll send you our free email course: “Understanding IT Pricing for Medical Practices.”

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About Ricardo Valdes

My name is Ricardo Valdes and I've been passionate about IT for as long as I can remember. In addition to being an IT professional and an entrepreneur, I also have two other rewarding and important jobs under my belt: that of both a husband and a father.

I initially founded RJ Technology Professionals with the idea of helping businesses run smoother with their technology. I wanted to help them work smarter, not harder, essentially. Now, I've dedicated myself to solving the unique needs of medical practices and other businesses all day, every day.

You've got problems,
we've got solutions.

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